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Saving for a dream vacation just got easier. A Novartis Federal Credit Union Club Account takes the last minute financial stress out of your getaway, by helping you plan in advance for those big trips. Deposit funds into your account at your own pace throughout the year, and when the time comes to go on vacation, you can do it worry-free. You decide how much and how often you want to deposit into your vacation savings account. You can make deposits via payroll deduction, automation transfers or just occasionally deposit funds, whatever best fits your budget.  Vacation Club Accounts earn dividends, which are posted monthly. At your request, the money can be transferred directly in your share (savings) or share draft (checking) accounts. Start saving today, vacation club accounts may be opened at any time.

You work hard all year. You deserve a vacation!

You can also open your vacation savings account in person or calling us 973-947-1000.

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