Medallion Signature Guarantee



A Guarantee for Your Assets.

A Medallion Signature Guarantee is a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities, such as stocks and bonds. Medallion signature guarantees can be obtained from Ridgedale Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union will guarantee signatures on any transaction up to $250,000.

The medallion stamp indicates that the financial institution guarantees the signature is genuine and accepts liability for any forgery. Medallion signature guarantees protect shareholders by preventing unauthorized transfers and possible investor losses. They also limit the liability of the transfer agent who accepts the certificates.

A notary stamp or seal is not the same as a medallion signature guarantee. Notaries verify the identity of signers and witnesses to documents. A notary cannot take financial responsibility like a financial institution does when they provide a medallion signature guarantee.

This is another valuable service we provide to our members. Please call in advance to confirm your appointment, 973-947-1000.

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